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Lavagram is an advanced Australian Instagram Marketing automation service. Our Artificial Intelligence software will link to your profiles and automatically interact with other accounts in your target market. Machine Learning algorithms will improve these interactions, constantly evolving over time. Just sit back and relax!


Automated Research

Lavagram will research data from your target market, use your accounts insights, and evaluate any opportunities online through advanced filtering and rules to find the right people for you.

Continuous Engagement

After research and identifying the profiles that fit your objectives and criteria, Lavagram will engage with them, completing actions that will help get you noticed.

Community Management

Lavagram’s highly advanced system makes it possible to identify fake or inactive profiles to avoid interacting with, thus ensuring effective growth. Organically won profiles will continue to be engaged with, and any spam will automatically be removed.

Advanced Rules & Filtering

Upon introduction to your dedicated Account Manager, Lavagram will send you a form to fill, detailing information needed for our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to use for your Instagram growth.

This starting point will be the basis of which Lavagram will take its initial data from, adding to it and evolving over time.


Weekly Analytics Report

As a business, you will need to constantly evaluate the in’s-and-out’s of your data. We lay this out in a visual report, sent automatically to you every week.

See your growth, engagement, campaign data, and even a snapshot of how your competitors are doing – all in one report.


Managing Your Instagram Doesn’t Have to Take Time.

We send the reports and do the heavy work for you.
Contact Lavagram and erupt your Instagram today!

"Lavagram takes HOURS off my day. This intelligent software is great for Marketing and PR, and the best thing about it is that it's made for Australian brands and businesses."

– Robert Bauer

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