Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Find out how Lavagram can help you grow your accounts. All you need to do is to continue creating great content!

Advanced Filters and Rules.

We analyse your account and criteria to identify the profiles that are right for you, evaluating your niche and the objectives that you intend to achieve before starting our interactions.

Our filters and rules can be based on nationality, gender, specific interests, and over 50 other data points.

Unique Sources & Locations

Filters and Rules will only help in separating the accounts that you are targeting from those that you don’t want. But, where do we find them? Lavagram’s algorithm can find your prospective audience a number of ways:

Via Hashtags

 Provide Lavagram a list of Hashtags and our Artificial Intelligence will apply its interactions against the initial Filters & Rules. Lavagram will learn what Hashtags are in your niche and add more over time.

Via Competitors

Send Lavagram a list of all your competitors and our Artificial Intelligence will interact with their followers! Lavagram will learn your competitions data over time and find more competitors.

Via Geo-Location

Are you a business that operates in specific locations, suburbs, and areas? Apply the advanced Filters and Rules so Lavagram will interact with those who frequently visit the areas nearby! Lavagram can even target competitor locations.

Via Own Followers

Allow Lavagram to interact with your followers followers, increasing your immediate network and improving your Instagram Algorithm score.

Via Certain Posts

Have a certain campaign, competition, or more where you’d like to interact with those who have engaged directly on that post? Lavagram can do that for you, saving you time.

Via Specific Tags

Want to interact with those who use a particular tag? Are you a brand who wants to show some love to your customers who tag you? Lavagram will take over here.

Learn and Improve

Lavagram will constantly analyse the data it has obtained through all interactions. The more time that passes, the more refined your future interactions will become. Our Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence software will evolve over time, continuing to be a necessary powerhouse for your Instagram Marketing.

Analytics Reporting

As a business, you will need to constantly evaluate the in’s-and-out’s of your data. We lay this out in a visual report, sent automatically to you at your chose interval.

See your growth, engagement, campaign data, and even a snapshot of how your competitors are doing – all in one report.

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